Mobile App Portals: Align Your Team At The Touch Of A Button

You live in a fast-paced business environment. It’s a challenge to share sales tools, internal communications and marketing collateral with your team. And it’s almost impossible to keep it all accessible, current and optimized across technology platforms. What would it be worth to have all your business updates, strategies and key marketing communications consolidated across […]

The Right Information For The Right People

Posted by Scott Mikus I love reading clichés like these, but isn’t it true – doesn’t every company want to get the right information to the right people, but how many actually do?  Or more importantly, is the information in the right format or is it at the right time?  Let me address these points […]

It’s a Promise: The market evaluates your brand based on performance

Posted by Scott Mikus Brand identity and brand positioning are not the same thing. Even the most compelling brand identity is not a substitute for brand positioning based on performance. Your brand identity is a type of visual shorthand that uses logos, design, colors and slogans to quickly communicate your organization’s presence, character and personality. […]