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Mobile App Portals: Align Your Team At The Touch Of A Button

You live in a fast-paced business environment. It’s a challenge to share sales tools, internal communications and marketing collateral with your team. And it’s almost impossible to keep it all accessible, current and optimized across technology platforms. What would it be worth to have all your business updates, strategies and key marketing communications consolidated across […]

4 Tips for Managing a Marketing-Lead Qualification Team

Crawford/Mikus would like to welcome guest blogger Derek Singleton of  Software Advice Lead quality is a central issue in any organization. While there are many strategies for improving lead quality, few Marketing departments look to telemarketing to improve the quality of their leads. In my view, this is a mistake. Generally speaking, lead qualification lives in the Sales department but I don’t think they’re […]

The Right Information For The Right People

Posted by Scott Mikus I love reading clichés like these, but isn’t it true – doesn’t every company want to get the right information to the right people, but how many actually do?  Or more importantly, is the information in the right format or is it at the right time?  Let me address these points […]

8 Critical Questions for Building Next Year’s Marketing Plan

Posted by Scott Mikus A general once said, “No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.” While the comparison of warfare to marketing communications may be extreme, the quote does make a good point about adapting plans to meet circumstances. As we approach the 2013 marketing planning season, make it a point to try to anticipate changes in the competitive […]

It’s a Promise: The market evaluates your brand based on performance

Posted by Scott Mikus Brand identity and brand positioning are not the same thing. Even the most compelling brand identity is not a substitute for brand positioning based on performance. Your brand identity is a type of visual shorthand that uses logos, design, colors and slogans to quickly communicate your organization’s presence, character and personality. […]

7 Reasons Why Your Social Marketing Doesn’t Deliver ROI

Posted by Scott Mikus and Sheryl Roehl Too many corporate marketers tell us that their social media initiatives haven’t delivered on expectations or ROI.  Based on our experience, we’re betting that there are many more of you out there who would say the same thing. Here’s our list of 7 reasons why social marketing programs fall […]

8 Tips to Help Marketers Get a Voice at the Table

Posted by Scott Mikus Marketing has always had a seat at the table. But, how can it get a voice at the table and gain more influence and credibility in the organization? Here are 8 tips to help marketers influence and gain support within the organization. 1. Focus on ROI. A recent global survey by […]

Your Website is the Front Door to Your Company: Does it Need a Fresh Coat of Paint? 12 Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by Scott Mikus How long has it been since you updated or refreshed the design, content and user experience of your website? For many of you, the answer will be some version of “too long.” The website is the front door to your company. If your site isn’t making a good first impression, visitors […]

6 Reasons Why Your Organization Must Embrace Social Media

By Scott Mikus and Sheryl Roehl Marketers may be overwhelmed or intimidated by social media – or maybe they can’t convince management to set up a Twitter page or start a blog. Whatever the case, the hesitation and fear of the unknown are understandable. Social marketing is new and it’s moving fast. It can be hard to figure […]

6 Reasons Why Social Media is the New Marketing

Posted by Scott Mikus and Sheryl Roehl For decades, Marketing was a one-way street. We designed, wrote and delivered corporate marketing communications – collateral, ads, direct mail and the like. It was all about the company speaking to the market with one voice. Fast forward more than two decades and the old “Mad Men” Marketing […]