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The 5 Social Media Mistakes that Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Sheryl Roehl More and more businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re getting everything right.  Here are 5 things that keep marketers from getting the most from their social marketing programs. 1. Running your social marketing without a strategy or a plan. Social media is […]

7 Tips for Capturing Valuable Marketing Feedback from Prospects and Customers

Posted by Scott Mikus It is common in the medical profession to seek a second opinion on a diagnosis, and the practice works equally well during marketing and communications planning. You establish the first opinion when you draft an integrated marketing plan with strategies and tactics. Then, you can share some plan elements with other […]

Why Your Marketing Team Should Focus on Web Optimization over SEO

Posted By Beth Crawford & Scott Mikus Many organizations put significant time and money into their search optimization and neglect web optimization. Big mistake. Big mistake. While SEO can help improve search rankings and increase inbound traffic, it’s just as important to spend time optimizing the site’s content, user experience and design. If you don’t, your website […]

The Evolution of the Marketing Agency-Client Relationship: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Posted By Beth Crawford & Scott Mikus Every now and then, I think back to when we were first setting up shop in 1989. If you’re like us and have worked in the creative industry for a decade or two, you’ve seen a lot of changes in your career. For us, one of the most […]

How NOT to Choose a Marketing Agency: 13 Rules You Should Break

Posted by Scott Mikus and Sheryl Roehl As a marketer, choosing an agency is probably one of the hardest but most important decisions that you’ll make in your career. Choose well and you’re a rock star in your boss’ eyes. Choose poorly and it could ding you on your next performance review. It’s not just […]

7 Actionable Tips to Help You Develop Marketing Content to Support the Entire Sales Cycle

Posted by Scott Mikus How do you keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle? Does your sales team typically run out of marketing collateral materials and other content at some point during the selling cycle? If you check with your colleagues in sales, they will probably tell you they are often unsure how to follow up […]

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Marketing Linkage

Posted by Scott Mikus As social media swept aside many old marketing assumptions, many companies have discovered they have a lot less control over their brands than they used to.  Today’s consumers and B2B customers wield enormous power to define the market’s perceptions of brands through their online and offline conversations. In this new era, […]

Your Website Should Be a Distribution Center—Not a Warehouse

Posted by Scott Mikus Retailers and wholesalers maintain large-scale distribution centers as part of their supply chain systems. Thanks to improvements in logistics technology, these distribution centers are more than mere warehouses. They are sophisticated inbound and outbound hubs for procuring, managing, distributing and tracking products across the entire supply chain—from the point of production […]

Sales Leads from QR Barcodes: Instantly direct users to your high-value messages

Posted by Scott Mikus In a competitive environment you need superior strategies to differentiate your brand, reach new prospects and retain your existing customers—all while your target audiences are being bombarded with information. You need clear messages and compelling media to cut through the clutter and connect with impact. You may want to consider Quick […]

Quick Primer: Evaluate 5 Key Factors in Your Brand Audit

Posted by Beth Crawford From the moment prospects land on your website for the first time to the day they sign the contract with you, your brand makes a promise.  How well you keep that promise will determine the long-term health of your brand, reinforce the strength of your customer relationships, and will impact the […]