The Right Information For The Right People

Posted by Scott Mikus

I love reading clichés like these, but isn’t it true – doesn’t every company want to get the right information to the right people, but how many actually do?  Or more importantly, is the information in the right format or is it at the right time?  Let me address these points separately, because if your company doesn’t get it right (pun intended), you run the risk of wasting time, money and resources. Worst of all, you are probably not connecting with your customers to drive your revenue and improve your customer satisfaction.

What exactly is the right information?
When we work with our clients, the first thing I ask of them is to define their business objectives.  It’s critical that we both understand these objectives, which will ultimately determine the success of any project.  I am amazed at how many times a customer is not able to clearly define what outcomes they expect from engaging our services.

Who exactly are the right people? 
In today’s day of mass marketing, companies sometimes forget to clearly define their real target audience.  Are they pitching to executives, directors, managers, suppliers, customers, or consumers?  Is there a specific demographic you are trying to reach?  The message will be slightly different for each target audience, and it’s critical to use their language of value.

What exactly is the right format?
Once we know our target audiences, it’s important to understand how your audience wants to communicate and/or interact with you.  Do you expect them to visit a website or do you want to push content to them?  Does your audience prefer print marketing or electronic media?  How does social media play into your ability to reach your target audience?  More than ever, people want to interact with one another via social media technologies.  It’s critical to know our target audience and how best to interact with them.

When exactly is the right time? 
Does everyone want real time information or would our audience prefer to be contacted early in the month or quarter?  I always advise customers to align the timing of marketing campaigns with audience preferences.  No sense marketing at the end of the calendar year if there’s no budget.

If you can answer the above questions, I have no doubt your company can get the right information to the right people in the right format at the right time!

Scott Mikus is a managing partner of Crawford/Mikus Creative Marketing & Design in Atlanta. Follow Crawford/Mikus on Twitter @CrawfordMikus or subscribe to our blog at

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