8 Tips to Help Marketers Get a Voice at the Table

Posted by Scott Mikus

Marketing has always had a seat at the table. But, how can it get a voice at the table and gain more influence and credibility in the organization? Here are 8 tips to help marketers influence and gain support within the organization.

1. Focus on ROI. A recent global survey by Fournaise Marketing Group showed that 8 in 10 of CEOs believe marketers are disconnected from companies realities and do not focus enough on ROI. Marketers are more likely to succeed when they align their social media initiatives and budgets with the company’s business strategy and goals. It’s also important to embrace technology and third-party applications that allow marketers to show measurable results through improved tracking and reporting.

2.  Engage colleagues as brand ambassadors. In today’s day and age, every employee plays a part in the voice of the company.  Through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blogging, an employee can promote your company’s industry thought leadership.  Employee visibility builds internal and external marketing linkage, which improves SEO and increases inbound traffic. Work with various departments to include them in the overall company social strategy.

3. Embrace new marketing. The old “Mad Men” marketing model is dead. Social is the new Marketing. The concepts of messaging and positioning have morphed.  One-way messaging is out. Two-way communication via a variety of social channels is in. Marketing must both listen and speak to what the market actually wants to hear – not what you think they want to hear.  In today’s social-driven world, there’s not just one target audience; there’s many.

4. Listen. With so many conversations now taking place via social media, it’s critical for a marketer and organization to stay connected and in tune with what prospects, customers and other key audiences are saying on these digital channels.

5. Interact. Although we live in a digital age, people still do business with people. Get out and talk to real customers if you can. Keep up with industry news by attending conferences and reading business journals.

6. Analyze. When you spend time listening to the market online and offline, you’re building up your industry, marketing and competitive expertise. Then, study what prospects and customers are saying to uncover themes and points of pain that you can use in your marketing content and campaigns.

7.  Respond. Adapt your marketing strategies and tactics based on your marketing research. Share valuable insights with your colleagues. As a result, you’ll become a strategic asset as the voice of the customer and the prospect. You’ll also show qualitative results and ROI to the C-suite and other key stakeholders within the organization.

8. Support. Trying to do it all is a recipe for failure and burnout. Instead, focus your time and energy on projects that play to your marketing strengths. If you’re good at managing lead generation campaigns, for example, then spend your time doing that. For marketing tasks and projects that you don’t have time for or that fall outside your zone of expertise – such as branding, design or content – hire outside experts to help you get the job done.

By following these 8 tips, you’ll become an expert on prospects’ and customers’ business needs and challenges. You will drive measurable results and that voice at the table will be heard loud and clear.


Scott Mikus is a managing partner of Crawford/Mikus Creative Marketing & Design in Atlanta. Follow Crawford/Mikus on Twitter @CrawfordMikus or subscribe to our blog at www.crawfordmikus.net/blog.

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